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React components for building responsive and interactive visualizations of your datasets with no fuss.

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Seamless integration

LightningCharts JS is designed to be fully compatible with React JS applications.

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Smooth animations, Intuitive touch screen interactivity with zooming, panning, moving data cursors etc.

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Easy to Use

The library is quite easy to use and understand, even for React beginners.

Why LightningChart JS is one of the Best React Charting Library?

LightningChart React data visualization application user interface allows you to explore different types of charts such as heatmap, bar chart, line chart, stock chart, scatter chart, map etc. 

LightningCharts JS’s React components empower you with all that’s needed to build a chart from scratch within minutes. Here are 6 solid reasons why our charting library should become your solution for years to come.

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React charting Application
React charting Application
Lightningchart Performance


Performance up to TENS of MILLIONS of data points in a real-time. We speak with numbers – access our Performance Tester to examine the performance indicators in live mode. LightningChart JS is 700 times faster than average competitor.
Lightningchart Customizability


In addition to a variety of features and series, LightningChart JS provides a good set of tools for modifying and customizing the chart contents. You will be able to customize your charts based on the needs of your project with minimal effort.

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Cross Browser Compatibility

Dealing with cross-browser compatibility issues can be exhausting, so we’ve minimized such inconveniences for our clients by supporting the world’s most popular browsers. LightningChart JS has undergone compatibility testing for all old or modern browsers.

LightningChart WebGL Rendering

WebGL rendering

GPU acceleration & WebGL rendering ensure that your device’s graphics processor is utilized efficiently, which results in outstanding execution performance.


LightningChart Online Resources

Online Resources

With LightningChart JS you have an abundance of resources to get cozy with the library. API documentation, interactive examples and more – visit our resources page to access all this.

LightningChart Support


We have been building trust & reliability since 2007. We take the role of technical support very seriously as every hour of unproductive work time due to unexpected issues costs our customer’s money & delays the whole process of development.

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