JavaScript Medical Dashboard

A medical dashboard example with LightningChart JS.

Includes real-time visualization of four data channels:

  • ECG/EKG | electrocardiogram
  • NIBP | Non-invasive blood pressure measurement
  • BFV | Blood flow volume
  • Sp02 | Blood oxygen saturation

This application has 4 channels each with ~1000 Hz sample rate, adding up to a total of 4 000 data samples per second.

For LightningChart, this is on the low end of performance capabilities.
In 2021, the LightningChart team hosted several comparison studies on web charts performance, one of which was directly targeted at scrolling multichannel line charts - exactly this type of application.

The results were shocking, with LightningChart being over 700 times faster than your average "high performance" competitor and being able to handle up to 10 000 000 data points per second while keeping display refresh rate over 30 (which is a very good refresh rate).

In the context of Medical Dashboards, this would mean that you could even monitor up to 10 000 data sources simultaneously, and/or greatly increase the data precision!