Several AxesXY

Several Axes XY chart

This example shows creation of a Chart with 2 XY Axes. This Chart can be used to compare or see several graphs

Here's the creation of a 2 XY Axes Chart.

// Create Chart.
const chart = lightningChart().ChartXY()
// Get references to default axes X and Y
const axisX1 = chart.getDefaultAxisX()
const axisX1 = chart.getDefaultAxisY()
// Create extra axes X and Y
const axisX2 = chart.addAxisX({
    opposite: true,
const axisX2 = chart.addAxisY({
    opposite: true,
// Create series with explicit axes.
const splineSeries1 = chart.addSplineSeries({
    xAxis: axisX1,
    yAxis: axisY1,
const splineSeries2 = chart.addSplineSeries({
    xAxis: axisX2,
    yAxis: axisY2,
// Set values of sub-categories on categories (relative Y size).
splineSeries1.add({ x: 0, y: 0.4 })
splineSeries2.add({ x: 2, y: 0.6 })