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The new version of  LightningChart JS v3.2.0 is now released.

New APIs will make the usability of LightningChart JS v3.2.0 easier!

In this new version of LightningChart JS, we have brought new APIs to make it easier for users to implement the JS library. 

  • API for easy modification of cursor ticks formatting
    • Axis Tick Strategies have a new API for modifying how Cursor Ticks are formatted. You can use AxisTickStrategy.setCursorFormatter() to change the formatting.
  • API for setting the thickness of the axis
    • With this new API, it is easier than ever to change Axis thickness to match with multiple XY Charts.
  • API to toggle ‘fitting’ and ‘scrolling’ feature for individual Series
    • The new API can be used to stop specific Series from being considered when an Axis ‘fits’ its interval to Series attached to it.

    • You can use this feature by calling the Series.setAutoScrollingEnabled() API on any XY Series you want.

  • API to synchronize Axis Intervals
    • This newly added API can be used to synchronize several Axis intervals which is extremely useful for applications where you want to follow several different signal inputs at the same time.

    • You can use this feature by importing the synchronizeAxisIntervals utility function from the library itself.

Big news for the Community License users: performance penalty has been removed

Overall, it is important for us to always provide the best and ultimate performance to our users. This is why we have decided to remove the performance penalty from the totally free Community License

The performance penalty was a measurement that we implemented for the Community License users-only, which was a small decrease in general performance, mostly occurring when having multiple Charts inside a dashboard.

In this release of LightningChart JS v3.2.0, we decided to change it and remove the penalization.

Added primitive draw mode for 3D LineSeries and PointLineSeries

It is now possible to use primitive draw mode for LineSeries3D and PointLineSeries3D. This feature can be used for improved performance by reducing line depth perception.

new version lightningchart js v.3.2.0 - PrimitiveDrawMode

Other Improvements for the new version LightningChart JS v.3.2.0

  • Improved default Date Time cursor formatting
    • The default Date Time cursor formatting now displays year, month, day, hour, and minute information.
  • Improved Axis Tick Performance
    • We’ve made improvements to Axis Tick Performance, this greatly reduces the CPU usage of charts, especially when there are a lot of charts on the same web page.
  • The trading showcase has been rewritten
    • The whole application has been cleaned up with all the improvements we’ve added to the library over the years.
    • The amount of code dropped by almost 50% and the visual look also significantly improved.
new version lightningchart js v.3.2.0 - TradingShowcase
  • ZoomBandChart automatic alignment to attached Chart
    • ZoomBandChart now automatically aligns itself with the reference Chart.
new version lightningchart js v.3.2.0 - ZoomBandChart
  • Added ‘dataPoint’ parameter to SeriesXYFormatter
    • Using this parameter, it is now possible to use ‘value’, ‘size’, ‘color’, ‘rotation’ as well as any custom values users have added in cursor result table formatters.
new version lightningchart js v.3.2.0 - SeriesXYFormatter

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