We prepared a demo of LightningChart’s unmatched scrolling line plot performance.
Scrolling line plot of EIGHT BILLION (8,000,000,000) data points or even more.

In 2016, LightningChart .NET was able to visualize 1.8 Billion data points in real-time line chart with mid-level computer at the time. In 2019, LightningChart .NET 8.5, we can effortlessly monitor that same amount of data, and even go up to 8 Billion data points in a WPF line chart. This demo was made for WPF, but approx. the same performance applies to LightningChart .NET WinForms chart too.

The real-time monitoring modes, performance and very high configurability makes LightningChart a perfect charting tool for those who need a little bit more. Read more!