JavaScript Heatmap Bilinear Interpolation Chart

This example showcases the pixel interpolation mode feature of HeatmapGridSeries.

HeatmapGridSeries comes with powerful per-pixel bilinear interpolation which smooths the data visualization by automatically interpolating intensity values and adjusting dynamic coloring accordingly.
Bilinear interpolation is a standard, well-known method in data analysis - and it also looks cool!

This example shows two HeatmapGridSeries side by side with the same data, the series on left has bilinear interpolation enabled (default) and on right it is disabled.

As can be seen, the heatmap with bilinear interpolation looks much more detailed and convincing.
However, it can be useful to disable this if you need to always be sure that what you're seeing is the exact data you supplied - not some interpolated value.

// Example syntax for specifying heatmap pixel interpolation mode.



Pixel interpolation mode has no significant effect on performance.

The Heatmap on the left also showcases auto cursor interpolation, which can be enabled per-heatmap series with setCursorInterpolationEnabled(true).