JavaScript Real-Time Trading Dashboard

This example showcases how LightningChart JS can be used to enable next-generation Fintech chart applications.

As proven in our 2021 line charts performance comparison, LightningChart JS line charts are over 700 times faster than other web charts. Especially in real-time applications LightningChart enables the creation of data visualization applications unlike anything seen before in web pages.

By default, this example will show a small dashboard that displays the price variation of nine imaginary stock trends in real-time.

However, the real treat is activated by pressing the "Click here to show full 10x10 dashboard" button inside the chart. This is intended for Desktop users, as the complete application requires quite a bit of space.

In its full size, the example shows 100 line charts. Each chart is connected to a real-time data source (random data, doesn't reflect any real stock price), the sampling rate is 1 000 data points per second for every chart. This sums up to 100 000 processed data points per second.

In addition to this, every chart has a little embedded statistical panel which displays the newest price and the price change between the newest and oldest visible price.

In the previously mentioned performance comparison study we tested this kind of applications with the major manufacturers who claim their charts to be high-performance oriented or the fastest. The results showed that the wide majority of web charts are not applicable to real-time visualization of even as little as 1 000 data points per second.

Why not? Because the charts spend too much time processing this amount of data. This can be observed by the web page visibly slowing down, preventing users from interacting with their browser.

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