JavaScript Distance Intensity Chart

This example is based on a real life usage scenario of LightningChart JS in the field of Fiber Analysis.

Fiber Analysis refers to the assessment of fiber quality to analyze attenuation and other fiber optic performance metrics during single point of time or across a time period.

This example showcases an example dashboard for analyzing fiber properties over a short time period (~30 seconds).

The metrics are gathered at several locations across the fiber to help spot problem locations (total fibre length is more than 3 kilometers).

The primary metric, intensity, is recorded for each location along fibre (meters) and for various time steps. The intensity value is abstract, meaning that it could reflect many different values for different analysis purposes. A common property in fiber metrics to analyse is Attenuation.

The color of each sample is colored in a heat map grid series based on a color lookup table, which makes identifying hot spots convenient (for example, orange is bad, blue is ok).

The data used in the example is randomly generated each time the example is run.