JavaScript Trading Dashboard

This example shows the creation of a simple trading dashboard with multiple individual charts on a single pane.

The chart contains:

  • Japanese candlesticks ( OHLC series ) to represent the market price data
  • Mountains area ( AreaRange series ) to represent the difference between high & low values
  • Mountains area ( Area series ) to represent the volume


Legend in this example is a UI object embedded to the chart using predefined simple builders for horizontal or vertical layout.

  • Horizontal legend

    // Create a horizontal legend embedded to the chart.
    const legend = chart.addLegendBox(LegendBoxBuilders.HorizontalLegendBox)
  • Vertical legend

    // Create a vertical legend embedded to the chart.
    const legend = chart.addLegendBox(LegendBoxBuilders.VerticalLegendBox)

The whole chart with contained series, the whole dashboard with contained charts and series, or the series individually can be easily attached to the legend box.

  • Adding a chart

    // Attach the chart and its series to legend.
    // Creates a group with charts.
    const entries = legend.add(chart)
  • Adding a dashboard

    // Attach the dashboard with charts with series to legend.
    // Creates groups of charts with series.
    const entries = legend.add(dashboard)
  • Adding a series

    // Attach the individual series as a group to legend.
    // Creates a group from a single series.
    const entries = legend.add(series)