JavaScript OHLC Series with Automatic Packing

This example shows real-time OHLC-packing using a variant of OHLC-series.

LightningChart JS OHLC Series with Automatic Packing

LightningChart JS includes a variant of the OHLC series which allows inputting close prices only which results in the corresponding OHLC data being automatically calculated.

const chart = lightningChart().ChartXY()
const series = chart.addOHLCSeries(
    // Specify the type of OHLC-series for adding points
    { seriesConstructor: OHLCSeriesTypes.AutomaticPacking },

OHLC-series that were created with type 'AutomaticPacking' accept data the same way as any other horizontally progressive XY-series:

// Single point.
series.add({ x: 50, y: 60 })

// Multiple points at once.
    { x: 55, y: 60 },
    { x: 60, y: 62 },
    { x: 65, y: 65 },

Packing logic

Supplied points are packed by columns, within which the Y-values are mapped to open, high, low and close -values, which are used to draw OHLCFigures.