JavaScript Candlestick Chart

Also known as Japanese Candlestick Chart

This example shows basic implementation of candlestick chart using OHLCSeries. This type of chart is used as a trading tool to visualize price movements. A candlestick figure can represent multiple recorded values, which are packed into 4 values (open, high, low and close). This makes it useful for dynamically displaying data from longer intervals as well as shorter.

OHLCSeries are created using ChartXY method.

const chart = lightningChart().ChartXY()
// Method for adding OHLCSeries takes one argument: seriesConstructor.
const ohlcSeries = chart.addOHLCSeries(
    // Specify type of figure used
    { seriesConstructor: OHLCFigures.Candlestick },

OHLCSeries accept data in the form of interface 'XOHLC':

const xohlc = [
    // X-position
    // Opening Y-value
    // Highest Y-value
    // Lowest Y-value
    // Closing Y-value
// Add new segment to series.

add() can be called with a single XOHLC-object or with an array of them.

Anatomy of a candlestick figure

Candlesticks are formed from two parts: Body and Lines. Both of these can be individually styled.