JavaScript Ultra Precision Trading Chart

This example showcases how LightningChart JS can be used to enable next-generation Fintech chart applications.

As proven in our 2021 line charts performance comparison, LightningChart JS line charts are over 700 times faster than other web charts. LightningChart JS has been proved to be able to visualize data sets with even up to 500 million data points.

This large data plotting capacity paired together with great zoom capabilities enables some previously unseen possibilities in Fintech applications.

In this example, a random data set is generated for 3 stock price trends simulating a 1 microsecond resolution between each price measurement.
These trends are displayed with a shared X (time) view, showcasing an example on how analysis of incredibly high speed transactions and price impacts could be done in real life.

The amount of data in this example is 7 500 000 points. With 1 μs precision, this translates to 2.5 seconds of data per each trend.

As you can see, the data amount scales very quickly to crazy amounts. For this reason, this kind of visualization applications aren't applicable to entire data sets, but only to elsewhere identified "points of interest", such as turning points in trends.

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