JavaScript Large Scatter Chart

This example showcases visualization of a Scatter chart with relatively large data set (1 million data points).

LightningChart JS has created a revolution with the possibilities of data visualization in web - previously Scatter chart visualization was realistically possible only to ranges of some hundred thousand data points and even then it required complicated developer effort to enable any zooming or panning interactions with satisfactory performance.

With LC JS a million points Scatter chart is loaded in less than a second and the result is unlike anything seen before - operations like zooming and panning are instantaneous.

Additionally, when compared to previous alternatives, the usage is ridiculously simple. With SVG/Canvas based drawing, users would have severe limitations with large data amounts as these technologies don't scale well.

Here's how simple the creation of a million points scatter chart is with LC JS:

const chart = lightningChart().ChartXY()
const series = chart.addPointSeries().add(
    new Array(1000000).fill().map((_) => ({
        x: Math.random(),
        y: Math.random(),

This takes about 100 milliseconds to load and will immediately be interactable with lightning fast reactions!

The maximum possible Scatter chart size scales well with used hardware, especially RAM (memory) and GPU (graphics card) - On average office PC, LC JS can handle more than hundred million data points.