JavaScript Data Grid Crypto Dashboard - Editor

Example showcasing LightningChart Data Grid in a cryptocurrency dashboard use case.

In this example, we can see a handful of the commonly used features of Data Grid:

  • Icons
    • Currencies are identified with Icons.
  • Spark Charts
    • A lot of data can be put into small spaces with these small miniature charts.
    • In this case, for each currency the valuation history is displayed for the last hour, day and week.
  • Drill down
    • Clicking on a Data Grid row changes the drill down view on the right.
  • Highlighting
    • Actively focused row is highlighted.

Data Grid is a dynamic component, meaning that all its cell content can be changed at any point during runtime.
For example, this cryptocurrency dashboard could be updated every every couple seconds, displaying the latest changes in real-time.

To learn more of Data Grid, click here

The data used in this example is from Live coin watch