JavaScript 3D Simple Surface Mesh - Editor

This example shows a 3D Mesh surface with various different dynamic styles selectable from the User Interface.

The Chart is rendered using SurfaceMeshSeries3D, a series type that renders a continous 3D mesh, with each individual data point configurable with its own color (which can also be looked up dynamically from an attached Color table).

The Mesh geometry is defined by warping a data point matrix into XYZ coordinates.
In this example, the imaginary matrixes rows are warped into an angle on the YX plane and columns into Z coordinate as well as a radius, forming a 3D tube.

The Mesh in the example has 150*150 (22 500) data points.

SurfaceMeshSeries3D data format

SurfaceMeshSeries3D stores 3 kinds of user modifiable data.
Each type of data has its own invalidation method. All these methods can be called either with:

  • callback function.

    • Called back for each data point of the mesh.
    • Function then returns the value to be associated with that data point.
  • data matrix.

    • Multidimensional array of data values.

It is also possible to not invalidate the whole mesh, but only a section of it. This is done by appending a second parameter, which specifies the range of modification (GridRangeOptions).

Geometry map

Each data point on the mesh is associated with a 3D coordinate (Point3D).

Geometry coordinates are invalidated with SurfaceMeshSeries3D.invalidateGeometryOnly

// Invalidate full meshes geometry coordinates by callback.
SurfaceMeshSeries3D.invalidateGeometryOnly(( row, column, prev ) => ({
    x: row,
    y: column,
    z: Math.pow(row + column * rowsAmount, 2) / (rowsAmount * columnsAmount)

Look-Up-Value map

Each data point on the mesh can be associated with a numeric look-up value (Number).

This can be used to dynamically color each data point based on an attached Color look-up table (LUT).
Note that coloring by the look-up values needs to be enabled by setting the Series' FillStyle as PalettedFill.

Look-Up-Values are invalidated with SurfaceMeshSeries3D.invalidateValuesOnly

// Define Color Look-Up-Table.
const lut = new LUT( {
    steps: [
        { value: 0, color: ColorRGBA( 0, 0, 0 ) },
        { value: 50, color: ColorRGBA( 255, 0, 0 ) }
    interpolate: true
} )

// Invalidate Look-Up-Values by data matrix.
        // First row.
        // Second row.
        // and so forth...

// Configure Series fill style as look up from table.
SurfaceMeshSeries3D.setFillStyle( new PalettedFill({ lut }) )

Color map

Each data point on the mesh can be associated with a Color.

This can be used to color each data point with its own Color.
Note that coloring by the individual Colors needs to be enabled by setting the Series' FillStyle as IndividualPointFill.

Color values are invalidated with SurfaceMeshSeries3D.invalidateColorsOnly

// Invalidate first row of Colors by callback.
    ( row, column, prev ) => new ColorHSV( column * 10 ),
        row: { start: 0, end: 1 },
        column: { start: 0, end: numberOfColumns }

// Configure Series fill style as individual colors.
SurfaceMeshSeries3D.setFillStyle( new IndividualPointFill() )