JavaScript OHLC Chart with Automatic Packing Resolution - Editor

The examples purpose is to shed some light on the packing logic of OHLCSeriesWithAutomaticPacking and how it can be fit to users needs by usage of method: setPackingResolution.

This class is a variant of OHLCSeries, which adds the automatic packing of XY-points to XOHLC-points. In a nutshell, when pushing points, it simply packages these points into 'XOHLC'-objects at certain intervals (which is controlled by the packing resolution property).

By default, or if packing resolution is explicitly set to 'undefined', the used value will be automatically computed based on current pixel-size. This effectively means that any newly pushed points will never be able to be zoomed closer than the view at the time of packing.

To ensure that the figures can be zoomed up to desired details, users can set an explicit value for the packing resolution, which will specify the minimum interval (in axis values) between two fully zoomed figures.