JavaScript Sweeping Line Chart Dashboard - Editor

This interactive example with the code editor shows a sweeping ECG line chart created with LightningChart JS library. You can experiment with the variables and parameters to see how the library performs using our online code editor.

Sweeping line chart functionality is not built-in in the library. However, it is entirely possible to create performant and visually appealing sweeping line applications with LightningChart JS. Performance is unaffected, but the application code is slightly more complex than the scrolling axis. Some built-in features are also inapplicable, such as real-time axis ticks and glow effects.

This example displays 6 ECG channels, each with a 1000 Hz frequency.

Stress testing has concluded that even 100s of such high-frequency channels can be displayed at the same time. To squeeze more GPU performance out, you can try setting line series thickness to -1 for the best performance.