JavaScript Time Ticks Chart - Editor

Example that showcases the TimeTickStrategy feature.

TimeTickStrategy is one of the available options for automatic axis tick placement and formatting. It is designed for depicting milliseconds timestamp data with extremely high resolution and flexibility.

The effective range of TimeTickStrategy starts from maximum of 100 hours all the way down to individual milliseconds level.

For this entire range, the tick labels are formatted dynamically showing the currently relevant precision with all the required accuracy.

As can be seen from the simplicity of this examples source code, TimeTickStrategy is really straightforward to use, and does not require any gimmicks from the user.

// TimeTickStrategy example usage.

// (1) Enable TimeTickStrategy for Axis.

// (2) Push data where X is in milliseconds.
    { x: 0, y: 0 }, // 00:00:00
    { x: 1000, y: 0 }, // 00:00:01
    { x: 2000, y: 0 }, // 00:00:02
    { x: 2001, y: 0 }, // 00:00:02.001
    { x: 2001.001, y: 0 }, // 00:00:02.001001

What is the difference between Time ticks and DateTime ticks?

The effective Axis range; TimeTickStrategy is used for depicting high-resolution data within some days max., while DateTimeStrategy is used for depicting lower resolution data over the span of long times, like some months or even tens of years.