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Interface BoxSeriesOptions<FigureType>

Interface can be used to define the X and Y Axis that a series should be attached to, define type of StatisticFigure and type of dimensionStrategy.



Optional automaticColorIndex

automaticColorIndex : undefined | number

Optional index to use for automatic coloring of series.

Normally series are automatically colored differently when you create several series in the same chart. However, in some cases you might want to alter this order of automatic coloring, or use the automatic color palettes on series that belong to different charts.

In these scenarios you can use automaticColorIndex to tell each series individually what is its place in the default color palette.

 // Create series using the first color in default Theme palette.
 const series1 = chart.addLineSeries({ automaticColorIndex: 0 })
 // Create another series colored with the 3rd color.
 const series2 = chart.addLineSeries({ automaticColorIndex: 2 })

Optional dimensionStrategy

dimensionStrategy : MultidimensionalStrategy

DimensionStrategy Strategy used for selecting between vertical and horizontal Box Series.

Optional figure

figure : BoxFigureConstructor<FigureType>

Figure type of StatisticFigure used for visualizing segments.

Currently only BoxAndWhiskers is implemented.

Optional xAxis

xAxis : Axis

Optional non-default X Axis to attach series to.

By default, series are attached to the same X Axis, that is returned by ChartXY.getDefaultAxisX.

Optional yAxis

yAxis : Axis

Optional non-default Y Axis to attach series to.

By default, series are attached to the same Y Axis, that is returned by ChartXY.getDefaultAxisY.