LightningChart .NET Grandmasters

LightningChart proudly awards some developers using LightningChart with the Grandmaster title. It is the indication of the most advanced level of LightningChart Ultimate skills, after LightningChart’s own software development team. Only skill level matters, not company size or license count. Seniority in software development and at least 6 months of expert level LightningChart Ultimate usage are required for getting this title. Grandmaster title can be considered as a recommendation by LightningChart to hire this person to any LightningChart related software development projects. Grandmaster has the right to use the title and LightningChart comment in any context. LightningChart also possess the right to utilize a Grandmaster’s comment in any context.


Nitin Shrivastava

Title / company: Sr Software Engineer, a member of LightningChart team from February 2018!
Field of industry: Oil & Gas
Software development experience: 8+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Data trending

We evaluated several charting controls and decided to pursue LightningChart because of its speed in rendering data & their support (i.e. responsiveness for any queries\issues from Lightning chart team). The LightningChart team has got an excellent customer support system, you can expect an positive response within 24 hours for your queries. Now, after working for 2.5 years with LightningChart and its team, I can say we took a good decision.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
Nitin has been the primary point of contact with the large corporation he’s working for, negotiating deals and customizations, coordinating team of LightningChart developers, and really pushed us forward with the improvements of LightningChart. Having hundreds of workstations running the LightningChart-powered applications, it’s a no-brainer, he has to be a very demanding guy. How politely and clearly he’s done it… thanks. Right man for the job! Thanks for visiting us here in Finland 🙂


Somesh Chatterjee

Title / company: Visualization Architect
Field of industry: Oil & Gas
Software development experience: 6+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Data Visualization

As the name suggests LightningChart is lightning fast when it comes to rendering large amounts of data. To add to it, behind this excellent product is a very helpful team who are experts in data visualization. The product is highly customizable and already caters to a vast number of requirements which a user may need. But when there is a specific user need, LightningChart team has built it in for us. It’s has been a great experience for us working with them.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChartLtd
So many different charts in oil & gas industry… Somesh has probably been programming all kinds of them. During the years, it unavoidably has given deep knowledge of LightningChart data visualization API. I’d be happy to recommend Somesh for all LightningChart related tasks. Thanks for visiting us here in Finland 🙂


Greg Robertson

Title / company: Team Lead/Systems Engineer, Bauer Controls
Field of industry: Automotive Testing and Data Analysis
Software development experience: 9 years
Application(s) with LightningChart: We use lightning charts for 2-d time-domain data displays, as well as sonograms and waterfall visualization for noise and vibration analysis

My project was looking to retire our ‘in house’ graphing package, and look for a 3rd party product to use instead. After weeks of research, no one came close to LightningChart’s graphing package. Its speed and feature set where unparalelled of the almost 12 packages I tried.I’ve been developing with them for two years now, and they have a great support forum, and address emails immediately. I recommend them, its a great product.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd

Greg has been developing impressive solutions for automotive industry, advanced measurement and vibration analytics screens. We didn’t have quite everything ‘out-of-the-box’ for his special needs… he grabbed bull by the horns and modified LightningChart source code in very difficult aspect, data buffers sharing between several charts and series. Quite few users have modified LC that drastically. Greg is definitely a guy earned our respect and recommendation!

Éric Ouellet
Title / company: Concepteur systèmes scientifiques
Field of industry: Public utility / Electricity
Software development experience: 20+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Power systems parametric study module of Powersys-solutions
Using graphic control with WPF and have acceptable user respond time is really challenging when the count of points become very high (millions). After testing few graphics controls for our WPF application, we easily choose to LightningChart for their performance and well-designed API. We are now customers of LightningChart for few years and I could easily recommend that product for its reliability, performance, continuous upgrade/improvements and excellent and super-fast support.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
Eric develops advanced scientific applications, and develops fast algorithms for fun. Awesome! Eric has not been easy on us… having hundreds of emails between us, during the years. But that’s called cooperation 🙂 Fun working with a guy with good scientific background. I wish Eric and his organization is happy with LightningChart and our support for long time, and keep on utilizing LightningChart in their scientific publications, such as Parametric Study, an Enhanced Methodology for analyzing Power System Contingencies.

Johan De Mulder
Title / company: Business Owner, Consultant at kWh Company
Field of industry: Energy audit management systems, Industrial IT solutions
Software development experience: 15+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Industrial energy audit management tools

A fundamental aspect of conducting an energy audit at a production facility is getting a thorough understanding of all the processes and how they affect the plant’s overall energy efficiency. In order to achieve this, several process parameters must be measured and recorded, often at a short sample interval during multiple weeks. This results in a huge amount of data that needs to be visualized for further analysis. That’s where LC comes into the picture. This product and the accompanied support has impressed me from the start. While evaluating different alternatives I had a special requirement, pushing the area chart to its limits. Without any guarantee that I would actually purchase LC, LightningChart took immediate action. Shortly after, a new upgrade was released that dramatically improved the area chart’s performance. The LC’s unmatched capabilities and ease of use in addition to LightningChart’s professional and customer-friendly support, has turned me into a happy and loyal customer.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd

Johan’s amount of data for area chart was really something not seen before, and set a real challenge for us to solve. I’m glad we have demanding customers always pushing us forward with evolution of LightningChart. Johan’s experience shows, in polite communication, patience and as development rate of his application. Way to go, Johan!

Stefano Toniolo
Title / company: Senior Software Developer
Field of industry: Manufacturer of instruments and software for sound measurement and analysis
Software development experience: 20+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Data analysis of logged measurements

LC performance is simply outstanding. The WPF chart control is robust, mature, also very flexible and highly customizable. In the last months the LightningChart team has been a great partner; the support is great: fast and responsive to give simple solutions and alternatives when available, also open to do the extra mile to fully satisfy the customer. I personally recommend LightningChart Ultimate for any data intensive application where no compromise in speed is the critical factor.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd

Great to work with Stefano. He’s in a very demanding industry, and we really respect developers being able to develop complex measurement and analysis applications such as theirs, it’s really a thing not every programmer can do. I’m hoping our co-operation lasts long.

Shawn Gay
Title / company: Sr. Computational Physicist / Zemax LLC
Field of industry: Optics and photonics
Software development experience: 15+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: OpticStudio

LightningCharts have helped us bring a more interactive style of charting to our application. For large data sets, LightningChart’s chart library has proven to be very efficient and the customer support is always great.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
It’s amazing to see LightningCharts running in OpticStudio, and notice how well Shawn and Zemax team have utilized LightningChart in dozens of different plots, and really delving into details to get them to run in optimal performance. Pleasure to work with real sciencemakers, like Shawn.

Christoph Fröschl
Title / company: Lead Software Engineer
Field of industry: Manufacturing gas engines for power generation
Software development experience: 10+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Trending in SCADA system
We were looking for a control which can be integrated into a WPF application supporting up to 30 lines with 1000 points each visible on the screen and being updated once a second. There were many candidates out there but none of them could satisfy our needs, except one: LightningChartUltimate! The performance is exceptionally (even though the performance numbers on their web-site seemed to be ridiculous but now I believe them). The support is simply great and now with the native support of WPF, there is nothing left I could wish for.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
It’s been great working with Christoph during a couple of years. The trending and data review side of the LightningChart has been in great focus in Christoph’s applications and he has helped us a lot in improving them and finding errors. A professional developer with great insight. I’m hoping we’ll continue working together for many years to come.

Roger Sæle
Title / company: Software developer / ClampOn AS
Field of industry: Oil & Gas Ultrasound Instrumentation
Software development experience: 5+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Trending and analysis of data from ultrasonic instrumentation

The tools we were using for trending and analysis were slow for high number of data points (millions). With LC we were able to greatly improve the performance to a point where no other charting component comes close. LC is also very flexible and customizable which enabled us to still mimic the look and feel of the old tools, but make further improvements to trend navigation, etc. It is always a pleasure dealing with LightningChart. They always revert back quickly with answer to any of your questions or with implementation of requested features. For hardcore performance, flexibility and ease of use LC is your best choice. I wish LightningChart good luck in the future and I look forward to further development using LC.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
Roger has earned the Grandmaster title by working in close relationship with us and by being active to share us with great new feature requests. It’s amazing how quickly Roger has learned LightningChart API and built a very advanced application. We hope we can be there and fullfill the requirememnts of his future challenges, whatever they may be. Looking forward to work with this gentleman.

Tim Davey
Title / company: Software Consultant
Field of industry: Real-time software in C/C#
Software development experience: 25+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: RF Spectrum Analysis

For one of my clients I am developing high performance charting components for displaying RF Spectrum Analysis in real time in a variety of complex formats, including being projected onto a 3D representation of geographic terrain. LC is in a different league to the competition, providing a solution for a project requiring high levels of complexity and performance. The LightningChart team are very helpful in quoting and supplying at short notice additional custom features, which are always delivered on time and working perfectly. Their support is friendly, efficient and delivered by staff that clearly have a very high degree of competency. I would go so far as to say that in 25 years of working in the software industry, I have never found a more skilled, helpful and efficient third-party supplier.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
Tim definitely knows what he wants and it’s great that we have been able to fulfill these special needs. Great to work with a polite and experienced RF specialist and really appreciate the long-term relationship business relationship with him. Super-talented guy overall.

Adam Edwards
Title / company: Senior Software Developer / Tendeka
Field of industry: Oil & Gas Wellbore Monitoring and Modelling
Software development experience: 12+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: VieQuest – a visualization tool to monitor temperature and acoustic data

The quantity of data that needs visualizing required a product that could handle millions of data points. LC beat the competition in rendering performance of the charts in all formats; and when it comes to interaction with the charts, so much has already been thought of that it makes using them a joy. Every time we consider adding another level of complexity to the chart, LC is up to the challenge and where an update to LC would be of benefit to the wider community, the LightningChart team have been extremely proactive with their support in adding features. The performance of LC is truly amazing and ensures that we keep ahead of our competitors. We are looking forward to our continued relationship with Pasi, Tero, Jari and the rest of the team.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd
Adam learned quickly the LightningChart API and has been very helpful in presenting new ideas and improvement suggestions that have come reality a little bit later. Adam is a very professional and productive developer with good communication skills. Tendeka’s top-notch solutions are a great match for LightningChart and Adam is the perfect developer to get the job done. Looking forward to work with Adam for many years to come.

Thomas Andersen
Title / company: CTO / Retune-DSP
Field of industry: Audio Algorithms Technology
Software development experience: 15+ years
Application(s) with LightningChart: Tuning tool for algorithms

LC made it possible for us to realize a software tool that delivers the data visualizers and interfaces requested by our customers which was not possible using WPF (or any other alternative to LC) due to its computationally inefficiency. Using LC we managed to create a complex and efficient software solution that has impressed our customers. The LightningChart team provides the best and prompt support imaginable which made it possible for us to finalize the application in very little time. We are looking very much forward to continue developing with LC in the future.

Pasi Tuomainen – CEO LightningChart Ltd

It’s been a pleasure working with a DSP specialist, who challenges us to develop more and more advanced products. Thomas has exceptional skills in math and digital signal processing, and is one of the most talented DSP guys out there, I’m sure. He truly has earned our Grandmaster recognition and our respect.