10.3.2 released

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10.3.2 released

Post by ArctionKestutis » Wed Aug 03, 2022 7:43 am

Hi All,

This release has more performance, more features.
We added new features for LineSeriesCursor and TradingChart. In addition, we improved performance for Spectrogram type of charts and added new examples in our Interactive Examples App.

LightningChart's .NET TradingChart control now has more than 20 technical indicators and more than 10 drawing tools. We’ve added seven new technical indicators:
- Accumulation/Distribution
- Average Directional Index
- Commodity Channel Index
- Ichimoku Cloud
- On-Balance Volume
- Parabolic Stop-and-Reverse (PSAR)
- Percentage Price Oscillator
The TradingChart control features now has five new drawing tools:
- Elliot Wave
- Head and Shoulders
- Pitchfork
- Triangle
- XABCD Pattern

The TrackLineSeries and SolveYValue features are now available for the LineSeriesCursor. These features help to customize the Cursor tracking behavior.

In this release, we improved the rendering speed for the 3D Spectrograms by a 50%. Additionally, the 2D Spectrograms performance increased by about a 20%.

Many minor errors have been fixed in library code. We added new examples in our Interactive Examples App. Those demonstrate new features of LineSeriesCursor (ExampleCursorAdvancedFeatures), and potency of library in EEG data visualization (ExampleEEGDataVisualizationShowcase).

Read more about this release in our news page: https://lightningchart.com/news/release ... -v-10-3-2/ or contact our Support directly.

Version could be found as SDK-installer in our Portal or as Nuget package.

Happy coding!

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