Date of case study: 09/2022
Industry of business: Consultancy – Turbines, Power & Controls
Established: 2014
LightningChart solution: XY Charts

Arirang d.o.o.

Apart from consultancy in power turbine engineering, Arirang provides turbine control solutions based on PLC platforms such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Triconex, and others.

Arirang’s key people live long experiences with steam, gas, and water turbines which are the essence of their expertise. Arirang has numerous successful control solutions behind its experience. Turbines are demanding engines in many aspects and they require highly reliable fast-acting controls.

Arirang’s latest product is the PLCScope, a tool for turbine remote diagnostic and troubleshooting where the LightingChart .NET data visualization controls have been applied.

The PLCScope is used to remotely support units driven by Arirang’s own designed control solutions. This solution can be easily applied to any other fast-acting controls based on various PLC platforms too.

The PLCScope Application & LightningChart Controls

PLCScope is meant for visualizing real-time and historical data collected from the control system using XY charts.

The collected variables can be visualized as a “PointLineSeries” to illustrate how the values change over time or as a “FreeformPointLineSeries” to show the relationship between two variables.

After the visualization, the variables can be analyzed in detail using the Cursors and Annotation objects as well as by using the zooming and panning functionality of the XY charts.

PLCScope Arirang Turbine Engineering Application Using LightningChart .NET

Picture 1. PLCScope application showcasing LightningChart .NET controls

Why choosing LightningChart® .NET?

Our turbine engineering application requires visualizing a very large number of data points in real time. Some additional benefits of using LightningChart include:

  • The licensing and pricing model can be selected according to the actual customer needs.
  • A high rendering performance for a very large number of data points.
  • Very quick implementation of complex charts.
  • A very large number of visualization examples are available.
  • Real-time visualization of data without delays.

“LightningChart was exactly what we needed for our application and quickly solved all our issues.”

Igor Vasiljevic

Arirang d.o.o. | Senior Consultant

PLCScope Turbine Engineering Arirang Application

Picture 2. PLCScope application interface view

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