JS Charts – JavaScript Charting Library

LightningChart’s JavaScript charting library, LightningChart® JS, is a data visualization library for JavaScript and TypeScript. It is a high-performance JavaScript charts library with a comprehensive UI collection of more than 30 charts and graphs. These JS Charts can be easily installed into an existing project by using a bundler (such as WebPack) or included in a website using just plain JavaScript.

LightningChart JS charts visualizes given numeric data as informative and interactive 2D & 3D graphics in several different ways, such as line charts, scatter charts, bar charts, heatmaps, area charts, gauge charts, pie charts, funnel charts, and candle-stick (OHLC) trading charts.

LightningChart JS is built to use WebGL as much as possible, making the performance stand out from the competition of other web charting libraries, especially when it comes to rendering millions of data points – 100 million data points is possible scrolling JavaScript line charts. But don’t just take our word for it – head over to our Interactive Examples and check out just some of the possible charts and applications LightningChart JS enables, or try our Performance Demo and witness the power of our web charts yourself!

LightningChart JS provides easy-to-use and fully customizable tools for financial data visualization, business dashboards and engineering – all in a form of the fastest JS Charts on the market! More on JavaScript charts, check out our complete guide to JavaScript charts.

LightningChart JavaScript Charts Features:

  • Full WebGL hardware acceleration
  • Superior 2D & 3D rendering performance
  • Real-time data monitoring optimization
  • Smooth streaming data scrolling
  • Massive datasets rendering
  • Full mouse and touch interactions
  • Great customer support
    JavaScript Chart
    LightningChart JS

    The highest-performance JavaScript charting library focusing on real-time data visualization.