What’s happened with LightningChart® lately?

Product development news: Usability improvements & new features

LightningChart v.7 was released already way back in 2015, and it’s quite precise to mention that a lot (!) has happened with product development of our charting library for .NET since. We’ve been tackling our roadmaps milestones one by one by releasing fully improved versions of the product and also, by developing something completely new to the table. Let’s take a brief look!


We were the first to break (in 2016) the limit of one billion data points real-time in scrolling line plot and in 2019, LightningChart .NET v.8.5 introduced a showcase demo of scrolling line plot of EIGHT BILLION data points. Even more is possible with higher memory amounts.

Again, unmatched and unprecedented performance level. That’s certainly something that hasn’t changed, LightningChart is a perfect charting tool for those who can’t afford to settle with average and need a little bit more.

Lightningchart net dev center

Major releases

We introduced the first major release of the version eight (8) in 2017. Versions from 8.1-8.5 brought huge changes & improvements to the product, such as new licensing structure, new dev center, completely redesigned license management application and utterly new chart type: volume rendering.

Also, during the release of 8.5.1, as LightningChart has released the new JavaScript Charting Library (LightningChart JS), name of the product was changed from LightningChart Ultimate to LightningChart .NET to highlight the difference to our new LightningChart product.

Especially during the last couple of years, we have invested a lot of manpower, care and effort to really focus on improving the usability of LightningChart .NET and overall customer experience. One big effort worth mentioning is our new comprehensive online platform, customer portal, where customers can download product updates, manage license subscriptions, assign licenses to team members etc.

Version 9 saw daylight in May 2020 and there were substantial new things that were added: Interactive Examples, to enhance the developer’s experience, and LightningChart Trader to serve better our customers in Trading and FinTech industries.

Version 10 is coming out later in 2020 and that will e.g. bring more to LC Trader and also, we can introduce UWP charts with the same LC quality and performance level.

Lightningchart net interactive
Lightningchart net trading

Closing words

Close communication with our customers, and providing solutions they ask for, have always been extremely important for us. Thousands of customers all around the world, including many of the largest leading companies, trust our services.

Adding more visualization types and features in our LightningChart products, improving performance and advancing configurability never go out of fashion, and we continue to develop further.

If you haven’t tried the newest version of LC .NET, we want to invite you to try it out and feel the new and improved LightningChart .NET!

The LightningChart Team.